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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Simple past tense
Simple past tense is used when we want to talk an event that happens at one particular time in the past.
Verbal sentence:
For examples:
(+) She went to market yesterday.
(-) She did not go to market yesterday.
(?) Did she go to market yesterday?
Went is the past form from go. Those are irregular verb.
In regular verb, the verb is usually ended by –ed.
For example:
-          She cried in her room last night.
-          They stopped the car in front of me.
Adding –ed in infinitive
1)      Verbs that end –e, just add –d
e.g.      hope àhoped
            date à dated
2)      One syllable verbs:
a.      With one vowel preceded by one consonant, the consonant is doubled, then add –ed, apart from the verbs that is ended by –w and –x are not doubled.

e.g.      stop àstopped
            beg àbegged

b.      With 2 vowels, preceded by one consonant, the consonant is not doubled, just add ending –ed.
3)      two syllable verbs:
a.      with first syllable stressed, just add –ed
e.g.      listenàlistened
b.      with second syllable stressed, consonant in the end of the words are doubled
e.g.      preferàpreferred
4)      verbs that end in two consonants, just add the ending
e.g. start àstarted
5)      verbs that end in –y
a.      if –y is preceded by vowel, keep the –y and add –ed.
e.g.      enjoyàenjoyed
b.      if –y is preceded by consonant, change the –y to –ie, add –ed.
e.g.      studyàstudied
6)      verbs that end in –ie, just add –d
e.g.      dieàdied

Nominal sentence:
S+were/was+non verb+…
S+were/was not+non verb+….
Was/Were+S+non verb+…
 For example:
(+) They were here two weeks ago.
(-) They were not here two weeks ago.
(?) Were they two weeks ago?
WereàYou, they, we
WasàI she, he, it
Adverb of time which is usually used in past tense is:
-          yesterday
-          last….(last night, last week, etc.)
-          ….ago (two weeks ago, two days ago, etc)

 Practice your ability here!

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